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Welcome to Stellardns.com the world leader in providing DNS management solutions, including complete DNS services over IPv6 and IPv4!


STELLARDNS - Premium DNS services for worldwide professionals

With Stellardns you get instant access to advanced DNS solutions for enhancing your website's performances. Stellardns provides premium DNS services for your domain management needs. We are a highly specialized company able to materialize your objectives as practical and easy to implement DNS solutions.

Our DNS services are competitive and professional, taking website owners one step closer to the future of DNS hosting, through IPv6. Therefore, whether you need to increase your DNS speed, reliability or security or you want to use our DNS solutions to host a website from your own computer, Stellardns is here to support you.

The DNS services we offer can be easily adapted to match any client's needs, although we understand that each project is unique. Stellardns can offer DNS hosting that is IPv6 enabled, with DNS servers currently set in 5 locations: Chicago (Ill-USA), San-Jose (CA-USA), Manchester (UK), Alphen a/d Rijn (Netherlands) and Syndey (Australia).
Since Asia's already out of IPv4 addresses and it 's a matter of time since the last IPv4 addresses will be assigned, Stellardns has a competitive advantage with its range of DNS services available over IPv6 and its well-known 128-bit addresses.

Working with Stellardns is the guarantee of exceptional DNS services. The outcomes are surprising, performing and satisfactory, simply because Stellardns can provide what you need and more…s

  • Advanced DNS solutions over IPv6 and IPv4
  • DNS servers placed strategically in four different locations
  • Easy to use DNS control panel, with an intuitive interface.
  • Regular updates in a matter of seconds. Our DNS updates are transmitted to our worldwide network in a matter of seconds.
Our DNS servers are strategically placed in five locations across Europe, North America and Australia. As a result, our DNS services are always reliable and performing. Choosing Stellardns will not only help you focus on your most important tasks, but will also allow you to use the most advanced DNS solutions at highly affordable prices. Top edge DNS solutions over IPv6 are what we provide, and that's why we are the best at what we do. Using our IPv6 - based DNS solutions is just more effective than using classic DNS providers